Why be good, When you could be Great!

Your Business, Workplace, Personal Life... are always riddled with different monsters, which seem never to fade, no matter what you do you can't beat them. But what if, instead of fighting them, you used them to their full potential? "Kaiyu Services" will advise you in how to deal with those monster no matter the environment and will help you regain the reins of your projects. 

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Different problems require different solutions


Use Gamelike mechanics to engage with your clients and employees, achive your personal and corporate goals as it was a game.⇒Learn More

Work Enviroment

Don't let the worts of monsters  roam free trhougth your life & business, take control of those bad habits and put them to good use.⇒Learn More


Be the monster you always wanted to be, let one of our coachs guide you to your true potential and start taking the reins of your proyects.⇒Learn More

Creative Solutions

Different problems requieres diferent solutions, we can help you to overcome any chanllenge using creative systems, mechanics and aproachs.⇒Learn More

Talks & Workshops

Get inspired by our range of talks or learn new sets of skills to grow into the monster you always wanted to be.⇒Learn More

3.0 Management

Avoid burnouts, increase retention and master what can "Drive" do for you. If you are ready to leap from boss to leader we got the solution for you

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