Coaching & Mentoring

We Know is difficult to surpass the day after day hurdles, we know that, but we also know that we are here for you.

Have you ever wished to start-up your own project, jump into business and become an entrepreneur. We will counsel, advise, mentor and support you all the way, from your initial draft to your final destination.

Do you struggle with day to day issues, confidence, anxiety, stress. We can help you with that. We are monsters but we aren't heartless. 

You have so much potential to Unleash, don't let it go to Waste

Business Coaching

Director Coaching

Start-up Mentoring

Management Strategies

Business Engagement


Life Coaching

Personal struggles


Passion Projects

Making sense of things


In Order to grow monsters need to be feeded

Talks & Roars

»The Journey of an entrepreneur

»Being an entrepreneur in "Albion"

»Damages of "Chair Culture"

»Patience for Passion 

»Being friends with the Monster 

»Playing with Ideas

»Toxic Beats Rock & Scisors


For any queries on any of the Talks, or any other possible ones...

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